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Amplicon's extensive range of industrial computing and measurement equipment required a comprehensive system to manage thousands of product data attributes for search and comparison.

Our custom built solution provided a bespoke CMS and a dedicated search server, tightly integrated with their ERP system to synchronise product and stock data whilst allowing their product specialists to provide extra specification data.

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Rethink Office Furniture screenshot

Rethink Office Furniture

Rethink Office Furniture needed a fast and functional e-commerce offering that looked great across any number of different devices.

We focused on a mobile-first design layered onto a modified version of the Bootstrap framework to provide the same great experience at different resolutions.

The site is powered by our bespoke e-commerce software.

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Greater London Locks

We've worked with the Greater London Locksmiths team for over a decade now and helped manage their web strategy at every step of their growth.

The current customer facing website utilises a modifed wordpress installation to allow fine grained control over the various nuances of their serivce offerings.

Behind the scenes, a bespoke admin system runs their day to day tasks such as job allocation, customer relations management and invoicing.

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Retro GT screenshot

Retro GT

As one of the founders of Retro GT, Gary was able to have a lot of creative freedom over the creation of a bespoke system to run the business.

The current version of the site has been a labour of love and boasts a huge array of features aimed at automating the day to day running of the business.

This version features a truly stunning pixel-art design by Lawrence Wong.

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Sally Bourne Interiors screenshot

Sally Bourne Interiors

The team at Muswell Hill based Sally Bourne Interiors had a desktop only website running on a restrictive CMS that would not allow for any changes to the style or framework.

We worked with them to provide a unique solution, using a single JS and CSS file to override the desktop styles and provide a mobile responsive solution!

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VW Heritage screenshot

VW Heritage

VW Heritage are one of the UK's top suppliers of classic VW parts.

They needed help with implimenting new features into their existing e-commerce system, which has included a wealth of new functionality, recoding of their main site with HTML5 standards complient markup, optimisation of existing features and an updated design.

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Suay Design screenshot

Suay Design

After several successful years with our bespoke e-commerce solution, Suay decided it was time to embrace the mobile revolution and comissioned a fully responsive redevelopment of their existing system.

This latest incarnation of the Suay site marks the third full e-commerce project we have undertaken for them.

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VW Heritage Mobile screenshot

VW Heritage Mobile

The VW Heritage mobile site uses a custom created API to manage their wealth of product data and the jQuery Mobile to provide a consistent user experience across multiple devices and platforms.

The result is fast, focused and easy to use, and has been very well received by their userbase.

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publicgriefjunkie screenshot


The new publicgriefjunkie website integrates a wordpress blog into a custom ColdFusion e-commerce system. The system is designed to focus attention on their newest product ranges, whilst giving equal attention to the unique company persona that has been fostered over many years of market trading.

With template design by Afovea, and extensive collaboration with the people behind publicgriefjunkie, the new website has been very well received by their existing fanbase and subscribers.

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Ed Watts screenshot

Ed Watts

Celebrity photographer Ed Watts, required a simple to use gallery system to run his website.

With hundreds of online photography portfolios to sift through, Ed felt that image researchers would appreciate a cut down style that would allow the photography to stand out on it's own.

Ed's site uses a bespoke gallery system, custom built to meet his requirements. It is easy to maintain and allows Ed to concentrate on taking great photographs.

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Splatt! Jewellery screenshot

Splatt! Jewellery

Splatt! is a popular market stall in Camden's famous 'Lock Market', offering unique silver jewellery.

Splatt's owner Martin, needed a website that reflected his own personality, as well as the ethos of his business. Along with a simple and fun design created by Afovea, the Splatt! website is run by a custom built and easy to use content management system, allowing Martin to keep his customers up to date with latest news, events and photos.

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